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Wine Packaging Options From Oak Room Wine’s Exquisite Selection

Wine Packaging Options From Oak Room Wine’s Exquisite Selection

Impress and delight with our personalised wine packaging options that create lasting impressions. At Oak Room Wines, we understand the significance of gifting, and our wide range of exquisite wine packaging options ensures your presents stand out on any occasion. 

From custom wines and labels tailored to your brand’s identity to a stunning selection of gift packaging for every preference, our collection guarantees an elevated gifting experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the wine industry. 

Unleash the art of gifting and make each moment exceptional with Oak Room Wines’ premium packaging choices.

Discover the Perfect Wine Packaging Options

Hinged Birch Timber Gift Box


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this box exudes luxury with its hinged lid and brass latch. The birch timber finish allows for stunning laser engraved wine boxes. This is a perfect choice for personalised gifts. With “Wood Wool” packaging, your wine is transported safely and stylishly.

Bamboo Sliding Lid Gift Box


Embrace a natural and eco-friendly touch with the bamboo sliding lid box. Its sturdy construction provides strength and convenience, while laser engraving adds a personalised touch that speaks volumes about your brand.

Varnished Bamboo Hinge Lid Gift Box With Accessories


When you desire the epitome of premium gifting, look no further. This custom-designed bamboo box features sanded corners, a light varnish, and premium hinges. Inside, you’ll find wine accessories that elevate the gifting experience.

Magnetic Closure Cardboard Gift Box In Various Colours


Elegance meets functionality with this magnetic closure box. Available in a range of colours, it’s perfect for showcasing personalised wine bottles. The secondary label ensures instant recognition, while the two-bottle variant adds versatility.

Cylinder Gift Tube


For budget-conscious gifting, the sturdy cardboard cylinder with metal ends provides visual appeal. From basic label designs to premium full-colour printing, customise it to your specifications.

Premium Two-Piece Gift Tube With Bronze Foil


When you need to impress, this premium wine gift cylinder delivers. The bronze foiling inside the lid and the soft-touch laminate finish exude luxury. It’s an experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Two-Bottle Cardboard Gable Top Gift Box


When one bottle isn’t enough, this glossy black box with windows and a carry handle attached to the container offers an elegant choice for showcasing your wine gifts.

Personalise Your Wine Packages for a Lasting Impression

Custom Wine Labels


Elevate your wine gifts with personalised labels in various formats that bear your brand’s logo, special messages, or event details. Personalised custom wine labels not only add a touch of elegance but also create a lasting impression on the recipients.

Laser Engraving


Add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity with laser-engraved designs on the wine gift boxes. From intricate patterns to company logos, laser engraving transforms the packaging into a unique piece of art that reflects your brand identity.

Unique Finishes


Stand out from the crowd with distinctive finishes that go beyond the ordinary. Opt for premium materials, special coatings, or foiling accents to add a much more luxurious touch to your wine packages.

Choose the Perfect Wine Packaging for Every Occasion

Matching The Moment

Consider the occasion and the recipients when selecting wine packages. For weddings, opt for elegant and timeless designs that symbolise the celebration of love. Corporate events call for sophisticated and branded packaging to impress clients and partners. Holidays demand festive and eye-catching boxes that spread cheer.

Our Wine Packaging Options Ensure Safe Transport

We understand the importance of safeguarding your precious wine bottles during transit. Rest assured, our wine packaging options offer secure protection. From sturdy timber boxes with hinged lids to magnetic closure cardboard boxes, your wine will arrive intact and ready to be savoured.

Delight In Versatility

The beauty of Oak Room Wines’ packaging lies in its versatility. With options like the two-bottle cardboard gable top gift box, you can effortlessly adapt the packaging to fit various occasions and recipients. No matter the event, we have the ideal alternative packaging solution to match your vision.

Elevate Your Gifting Game

Selecting the right wine packages enhances not only the presentation but also the sentiment behind your gifts. Oak Room Wines’ diverse range of packaging options caters to every occasion and concern. Whether you aim to impress, express gratitude, or celebrate life’s special moments, our wine package options make it all possible.

Making Memories With Unforgettable Unboxing

The unboxing experience is a moment of anticipation and delight for the recipient. Premium packaging, like our varnished bamboo gift box, elevates this experience to leave a lasting impact. It does turn a simple gift exchange into a cherished memory.

Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Oak Room Wines

With an array of captivating wine gifting options, Oak Room Wines ensures every gift leaves a lasting mark. It’s the perfect custom corporate wine gift.

From the luxurious hinged birch gift box to eco-friendly choices like the bamboo sliding lid gift box, we have packaging for every occasion. Personalise with custom wine labels and laser engravings to reinforce your brand’s identity and thoughtful message.

Selecting the right packaging is essential. Our options provide secure protection during transportation, while versatile designs adapt to various events. Make your mark with Oak Room Wines, crafting extraordinary moments that delight and leave recipients with cherished memories. 
Order now and elevate your gifting game with us.

Our Personalised Wine Gift Packages

Wine bottle only - for price conscious customers. Classy design & great value.

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Select from premium magnetic gift boxes or wine bottle gift cylinders, custom branded for a beautiful gift (or words to the effects)

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For an exclusive, luxury gift, this option can include laser engraved timber packaging & premium wines.

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