Fundraising with Wine for Sports Clubs

Every so often, it’s time to revamp the look of your sports teams; get new uniforms, new gear and equipment, or invest in new practice space. Sometimes it’s not always financially feasible to obtain these things. Or perhaps you are in need of extra money to enter your team into a new tournament, which is [read more]

Fundraising with Wine or Social Clubs

Maintaining a social club can take more money than often had, especially when it comes to costs for adventure outings or social gatherings. What better way to raise money for your next social event than with wine, itself a social event in a bottle! Choosing Oak Room Wine for your social club fundraiser is fun, [read more]

Fundraising with Wine for Schools, Kindergarden’s & Early Learning Centers

Fundraisers are to schools as gasoline is to cars: one cannot function without the other. But the age old chocolate, trinket or car wash fundraiser can get old and, quite frankly, boring. Switch it up and begin a new, fun, and profitable fundraiser with Oak Room Wine. “But how can we sell wine for children,” [read more]

Fundraising with Wine for Personal Goals and Charities

Ever thought about embarking on a new art project, but didn’t know how to commission the extra money for it? Or perhaps you need to fundraise for a charity and have realised that, in this day and age, charity auctions are so 1990s. Oak Room Wines is here to help you make that extra money, [read more]

Fundraising With Wine For Charity Organisations and Non-for Profit Groups

Fundraising is another way of getting the word out for your charity or not­for­profit organisation, and also for pulling in money that is not always philanthropic. And unfortunately, the things you do… such as providing food or creating shelter for the homeless, building a vibrant space for orphans, or even planting trees for a reforestation [read more]

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