Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay


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A modern & sophisticated chardonnay with a sense of toasted hazelnuts and green apple pear. Aromas of lemon blossom & white stone fruit and a balanced acidity that leaves your senses to imagine. Enjoy with Italian seafood pasta or spicy Asian cuisine & summer BBQ.

Award Winning Bronze Medal wine scoring an impressive 49.0 in the 2017 Rutherglen Wine Show. Class 113. Rank 12/63 2016 Chardonnay’s entered.

Judges: Russell Cody, Rob Diletti, Andrew Santarossa.

Class comments: “Chardonnay is the most exciting class to judge in Australian wine shows at present. Wines are complex, balanced and soooooo Burgundian. Lost are the days of sunshine in a bottle – because we are serious international winemakers now. Viva La Chardonnay.”

  • Brand: Granite Rose Estate
  • Region: Mornington Peninsula
  • Year: 2019
  • Style: Chardonnay

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