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Our website address is https://www.oakroomwines.com.au.

Oak Room Wines Guarantee

Oak Room Wines strives to produce and ship wine and wine gifts of the highest standard that are intended to be free from defects. Our limited liabilities cover the following:

  • Wine: All our wines are hand-selected and deemed free from defects. Wine by nature may have a defect that requires replacement as it may not be known until it is opened for consumption. If this occurs, please contact Oak Room Wines to discuss it. We will generally arrange for the remainder of your order to be returned to us at our expense for evaluation. If there is indeed an issue an alternative product will be used and your order remade and reshipped at our expense. If the wine is not faulty and it is simply not to the customers liking – this is not deemed a faulty wine and will not be replaced at our expense but may be exchanged at the customer’s expense. 
  • Gift packaging: Any broken or damaged gift packaging upon delivery can be replaced by Oak Room Wines in a timely manner at our expense. We may ask and arrange to have the defective items returned to us at our cost. 
  • Wine labels: Any ripped, torn, or significantly damaged labels can be replaced by Oak Room Wines. We will work with the customer on the best/fastest method of doing this. Returning the product, and sending replacement labels are both options if this occurs. Minor marking due to transport does not constitute a faulty label, we will however offer the best we can depending on the marks/damage.
  • Outer shipping boxes and pallets/skids: these are intended to be for transport only and are often recycled and reused to assist in our environmental objectives and to save costs. They are not intended to be reused or free from markings and damage that can occur in transit. You may keep/reuse / or discard these after unpacking your items.

Shipping Policy

Oak Room Wines uses a variety of shipping methods and carriers. When placing an order with OakRoom Wines, freight costs will be estimated in your initial quote. This applies to single-address deliveries and also multiple-address deliveries either to multiple offices or individual clients. Due to the nature of the freight and the details provided, we may from time to time need to revise your freight estimate. Typical reasons for alteration to estimates include: Regional locations not covered by our standard metro shipping estimations. Bulk or large deliveries that require shipping on a pallet or a skid. Pallet or skid deliveries that require manual unloading or a tailgate to unload at the location of the receiver due to no forklift being available.

Redeliveries & additional charges: From time to time deliveries will be returned to Oak Room Wines for various reasons. Costs associated with redelivering items will generally be invoiced to the company that placed and paid for the initial order and delivery. Some examples are:

Data Entry error – By Oak Room Wines: Oak Room Wines will pay for all redelivery costs if we are in error. 

Data error – Supplied to by Customer: Correct information will be obtained and the items will be redelivered and the customer’s expense. * Examples: Spelling errors, incomplete address information, incorrect postcodes or suburbs. Companies that have moved location, are not open at the time of delivery or will not accept the delivery for whatever reason. 

Return to Sender (RTS): If there is any other reason in addition to the above for a parcel to be RTS it will generally be at the customer’s expense.

Breakages: Due to the nature of shipping wine and wine-related gifts, from time to time breakages do occur. When this happens, Oak Room Wines will notify the customer as soon as we become aware, call, and discuss the options around remaking the order and dispatching again as quickly as possible at our expense. Once an item has been successfully delivered and signed for by the customer ownership and responsibility transfer to the customer.

Lost Parcels: From time to time a consignment may get lost and can not be located. Oak Room Wines always will attempt to locate any missing parcel before determining that it is “lost” and needs to be replaced. This will be at Oak Room Wines’ expense and done in the quickest possible time.

Delayed shipments: Whilst the best estimates by Oak Room Wines and our carriers are always passed to the customer, delays can occur. This may be but is not limited to transit delays, 3PL transfers, rural and remote locations, unforeseen weather events, depot closures due to events such as COVID-19, courier car/van/truck breakdowns, accidents where goods may become delayed or possibly damaged.


Last updated August 24, 2022


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