Two of the most important days of you and your (future) spouse’s life are that of your engagement and wedding. They are days to remember the harmonious union of two people, who are thus choosing to spend their life together. Each day is meant to be remembered as two, and for each day, meticulous amounts of planning go into it to remember the two people as one. You’ve got the miniature couple on top of the cake, the slideshow of pictures to reminisce about the fateful meeting of two people, embroidered napkins…. almost everything is personalised, except for the wine. One sure fire way to really remember this beautiful union is by personalising the wine. Oak Room Wines is here to help create the most perfect day for the most important day of your lives.

It’s a lovely thing, wine at weddings. And even lovelier when you and your guests can enjoy quality wines at a quality wedding. On a day that is meant to be for you and your’s, wine not go the extra step to find the perfect, personalised wine? We have a great selection of over 80 red, white, or sparkling wines for your special day. You can choose a standard, or custom wine label design that is as unique as your union, and memorable to boot. No one will soon be forgetting your beautiful ceremony or the delicious and creative wine they were drinking (except perhaps your in laws…)

As Featured In Easy Weddings September 2014 – Read Article Here

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