Wine Fundraising For Social Clubs

Maintaining a social club can take more money than often had, especially when it comes to costs for adventure outings or social gatherings. What better way to raise money for your next social event than with wine, itself a social event in a bottle! Choosing Oak Room Wine for your social club fundraiser is fun, easy and profitable, and, if you think about it, can double as a social event in itself. Just a few easy steps and you’re on your way to creating lasting memories for your club. Choosing the wine is the easy part, and we have the widest selection of great valued quality red, white, and sparkling wines; whatever you want to cater to your personal club. Promote your social club with our custom label designs by creating your own personalised label. We’ll leave the promoting portion of the fundraiser up to you, which should be easy as you are, in fact, in the social business. We will help you with the ordering of all wines, and with our safe and secure shipping we will have all of the bottles sent directly to your offices or to the houses of the purchaser. The more you sell, the more money you get. Get started today with Oak Room Wines for the best, most personal fundraiser you’re social club will enjoy, and start creating more memories and opportunities for social events. You, and everyone you meet, will be glad you did.

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