Wine Fundraising for Personal Goal

Ever thought about embarking on a new art project, but didn’t know how to commission the extra money for it? Or perhaps you need to fundraise for a charity and have realised that, in this day and age, charity auctions are so 1990s. Oak Room Wines is here to help you make that extra money, in a unique and memorable fashion. With a wide selection of good valued, finest quality red, white, and sparkling wines to choose from, we will have you making money in no time. And we make it extra personal for you, by providing custom label design, which allows you to promote your new project or charity while fundraising for it.

Everyone loves a good bottle of wine, whether it’s to enjoy with dinner, after a long day or to stock up their personal cellar. And people enjoy even more, to donate to good causes. The more promotional effort you put into your fundraiser, the more money you get, to go run that marathon or start a new marathon. With Oak Room Wine, we’ll help you with everything from the wine choosing to the delivery; ensuring that all of your sold wine goes directly to you or to the donors’ homes. Start your fundraiser today with us today, and get started on a new venture before you know it.



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