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Custom Labelled Gin

Custom Labelled Gin

Oak Room Wines Partners With That Spirited Lot for the ultimate custom labelled Gin corporate gifting experience. Read out press release here…

🍇+🍸 **Exciting Announcement: Oak Room Wines Adds Gin To The Lineup With Premium Gin From Award-Winning Gin Distiller, That Spirited Lot!** 

We are thrilled to unveil a remarkable partnership that is set to elevate your spirits! Oak Room Wines is joining forces with the acclaimed Gin distiller, That Spirited Lot, to introduce an exclusive addition to our lineup: Award-Winning Gin with Custom Designed Labels for a truly unique gifting experience.

**Exclusive Custom Labelled Gin:**

In addition to exceptional Gin, Oak Room Wines offers professionally designed custom labels, providing our exclusive clients with a personalised touch that sets their gifts apart from the ordinary.

personalised Gin labels - Oak Room Wines

**Celebrate Uniqueness with Oak Room Wines:**

Join us in celebrating this unique supply agreement, where premium Gin meets custom label design, creating an extraordinary experience for your valued clients. Elevate your gifting game and indulge in the finest spirits with Oak Room Wines and That Spirited Lot.

**Experience Unparalleled Quality:**

Crafted with precision and passion, our premium Gin boasts an impressive ABV of 43%. Using the single-shot pot method in the renowned Doris still, we ensure each sip is infused with excellence.

**Indulge in Unforgettable Flavours:**

Embark on a sensory journey with bright lemon sherbet and fresh pine notes tantalising your senses from the first pour. Our flagship Gin harmoniously balances juniper with mixed citrus, delivering a spirit that is not just smooth, but brimming with depth and character.

**A Botanical Symphony:**

Our Gin’s botanical profile showcases a delightful blend of traditional elements like juniper, coriander seed, and angelica root, alongside modern twists such as ruby grapefruit, adding an intriguing complexity to every sip.

**Unmatched Production Standards:**

With a single-shot, pot-distillation method, we ensure maximum extraction of botanical oils, guaranteeing a spirit that is not just exceptional but truly unparalleled.

**Serving Suggestions:**

Whether enjoyed on ice, with soda or tonic, or as the star of a classic martini, our Gin promises to elevate any occasion with its refreshing and invigorating flavours.

*Stay tuned for updates on availability and how you can get your hands on this exclusive collaboration. Cheers to exceptional taste and unforgettable moments!* 🍸🍇

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