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The Challenge

Ball & Doggett wanted to send out promotional holiday gifts that showcased their premium printing materials and design. They decided that Oak Room Wines’ bottles would offer the perfect match between their premium wine label stock and Oak Room’s industry-leading print quality.

The Solution

Oak Room Wines provided a carefully curated selection of wines and choose screwcaps that fit Ball & Doggett’s design schemes. Ball & Doggett provided the label materials and design, which were integrated into the finished product by Oak Room Wines.

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Curating wines that showcased client label materials and design

The Results

Ball & Doggett were able to showcase their workmanship and selection of premium wine label materials printed by Oak Room Wines on their state-of-the-art Mimaki UCJV 300/160 UV printer. The wines were carefully selected by Oak Room Wines and Ball & Doggett to match a flavour profile they were looking for as well as specific bottle cap colours to work with the label designs. The wine was well-received by Ball & Doggett’s customers, with many providing favorable comments on both the wine and the labels.


  • Oak Room Wines curated the wine and the screwcap design
  • Ball & Doggett provided the label design and materials
  • Their customers were impressed with the wine & labels
  • Ball & Doggett continues to receive positive feedback

“We were extremely pleased with the production quality, not to mention the wine itself, and the high level of service Oak Room Wines delivered on this project.”

Josh Gleeson
Marketing Executive Ball & Doggett
Ball & Doggett

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